Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Why Should You Compare Two-Wheeler (Bike) Insurance Policies?

Compare Two Wheeler Insurance

If you are a bike rider, we need not even tell you how you should take care of your bike. We are sure you do everything in your means to keep it (her?) safe. What about insurance though?
The best attention that you can give your bike is by choosing the right two-wheeler insurance policy; and without having to visit the numerous insurance companies. The best way to manage is to compare two wheeler insurance online. With so many insurance companies offering so many policies, it could be quite a tedious task to choose the best insurance policy that fits your bill perfectly.
Go back to the time you decided to purchase your bike. Did you just go for the first bike you saw without checking any other options? We are sure you did everything you could to make the final choice. So when it comes to safeguarding your beloved bike, won’t you go for the best plan that doesn't cheat you? Find the best two wheeler insurance plan that covers a lot of ground at a relatively lower premium – the very definition of "value for money".
With so many options of bike insurance policies available, it only makes sense to weigh all of them to make sure that you get the best cover. Here’s a short list of things you should quickly compare while choosing the right two wheeler insurance.
  1. The Insurance Company: Research the two wheeler insurance companies basis the best claim settlement ratio, a good standing with respect to deductibles, network garages for cashless servicing etc. You could compare premiums between companies, add and subtract features (add-ons) that you choose in addition to help you protect your bike. You could do the math yourself without having to worry about the hidden costs that you feel companies impose.
  2. Discounts and Deductibles: With deductibles, you agree to pay a certain amount from your pocket and in return the company gives you a discount on your premium. And while this is an amazing trade-off, make sure that you don’t commit to a huge amount otherwise you barely avail the benefits of your insurance policy.
  3. Premium and Coverage: While we never (never ever!) suggest you to go for a cheap premium, we would definitely suggest you to compare the coverage’s at the same premium by different two wheeler insurance companies. Go for a policy that is the closest to what you need.
  4. Quality of customer service and responsiveness: If your insurance company is non-responsive, it is a direct recipe for frustration and rants on social media. It makes sense to compare companies with respect to these features. You can either read about them or simply ask around. But remember to use your discretion as well.


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